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Investing In Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness is vital to the productivity of every company. Health promotion programs can be extremely valuable tools when working toward improving employee health. However, there are additional ways that employers can improve the overall well being of their workforce.

One important way to improve overall health within your company is to develop a shared wellness vision. This vision can entail wellness benefits such as paid sick leave and the ease of taking a day off if an employee is feeling under the weather. Benefits such as these will make sick employees more likely to stay home and recuperate from their illness faster. In the meantime, they will not be spreading their illness to co-workers at work. Making wellness efforts such as these will actually make the company more productive by reducing the amount of illness spreading through the office resulting in more healthy workers than sick ones.

Health promotion professionals recommend businesses implement a sick policy just as schools and daycares do for children. These policies are in place for the protection of both the ill child needing to get better and the healthy children avoiding exposure. A shared vision offers the same concept for adults in the workplace. While adults cannot be forced to stay home, giving them paid sick leave and making it easier for them to call off due to illness without fear of repercussions will reduce germs spreading in the workplace.

Health and wellness in the workplace should be a top priority for employers. Healthy employees make less health insurance and worker’s compensation claims. However, the best way to avoid illness in the workplace is to prevent it through a wellness program. These programs encourage diet, exercise and whole body fitness, which all reduce the risk of illnesses. Illnesses as little as a cold or a serious as cancer can be deterred through workplace wellness programs. This is one human resource benefit that needs to be in every company’s budget.

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