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Motivating Healthy Employees

How can employers play a major role in employee wellness?
Health begins with prevention. Preventative medical screenings and healthy lifestyles reduce health risks. Companies who are committed to supporting healthy employees can do so by periodically offering preventative medical care on site.

A mammogram screening opportunity is one way to promote wellness in the workplace. A mammogram is the x-raying of a woman’s breasts. A mammogram is the best way to detect the early stages of breast cancer. There are portable mammography units that can come to companies as a part of their wellness program and provide this important screening to women.

Eye exams can also be a part of an employee wellness program. As with mammography units, there are travelling ophthalmology units that will provide eye exams for your company wellness program. Eye exams are supposed be done on a regular basis, but often people do not go to the doctor for an eye exam unless there is a problem. Providing an ophthalmologist to employees will encourage them to get a routine eye exam and receive follow up care if needed.

Another form of preventative medicine that can be brought to the workplace is yearly physicals. Some doctors that routinely perform physicals have the ability to bring all of the necessary equipment to your office. As with mammograms and eye exams, physicals are supposed to be done yearly but are often overlooked by people who are too busy or cannot afford well checks.

Companies that offer these routine preventative services once a year play a major role in maintaining healthy employees. Unfortunately, many adults do not seek medical care until a problem is so bad it has cramped their lifestyle, leading to much more extensive medical care than wouldn’t have been necessary had the problem been detected sooner. Although the cost of inviting physicians to the workplace can be high, early diagnosis and treatment of problems will save both the employer and the employee a great deal of money in the long run.

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