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Beginning a Health Wellness Program With Limited Funds

Many companies are beginning to see the importance of emphasizing employee wellness. If your company is looking to begin a health wellness program but does not have the space or money to build an on-site gym, bringing instructional classes and contracted professionals to the workplace is a great way to start promoting health and fitness.

Many nutritionists are available and willing to come to companies and teach employees about diet and proper nutrition. This can be fit into the workday so that the office does not completely shut down. One way to do this is to have the same class taught once in the morning and once in the afternoon. Employees can attend one of the two classes offered in shifts while the other half works as normal. A nutrition class is a good starting point for companies looking to begin a wellness program. Poor nutrition is often the root of a lot of health problems. Educating workers on the values of good nutrition often motivates them to change their unhealthy eating habits and begin working toward a fit lifestyle.

Another professional that can be brought in to promote employee wellness is a massage therapist. Massage therapy improves mood, increases productivity and reduces stress. Even bringing a massage therapist to the office once or twice per year will have a positive impact. Another advantage to having a massage therapist is that it does not disrupt the workday routine as much as other programs or classes. Only one person needs to leave at a time for their massage appointment, allowing business to run as usual.

Hiring these two professionals to visit your company can help jumpstart your health wellness program. Not only will they be valued and enjoyed by employees, but they will be easier to implement with limited space and funds.

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