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Deciphering Wellness Quotes

Corporate wellness programs have been on the rise the past 20 years for a variety of reasons. When a company or small business is considering implementing a wellness program, they’ll first obtain several wellness quotes. Then the business will partner with the wellness program to determine if the program is a good fit for their employees.

Typically, a business will consider if the wellness program is a good fit for their company based on size, reputation and overall experience. These quotes aren’t all about the financial aspect, but really what will benefit the overall health and well-being of the employees and members.

Ideally, a wellness program should offer its members the opportunity to prevent and manage long-term health risks. An example of this would be weight loss management. Not only is it cost effective to provide employees with exercise equipment or a gym membership to use, but it also provides education and support for weight loss and weight management. Making healthy food choices and catering to those with special dietary needs would also be included in health education.

Considering that a high percentage of diseases are preventable if diet and exercise are tied in with the workplace, a majority of illnesses in that same workplace can be eliminated.

Health and wellness quotes should also include the ability of an employee to self-monitor progress. It’s a scientific fact that when adults can track their progress on any type of goal, they’ll be more likely to continue with that goal, even if it’s an abstract goal, such as energy level.

Wellness quotes cannot tell an employer if a program will be a good fit for its employees. That is something for the employer, staff and potential wellness program coordinator to determine. The concerns of all parties should be taken into consideration to ensure a good match for life-long health and wellness.

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